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Writer's Block: Ride the lightning

Should people who are sentenced to life in prison be allowed the death penalty as an option, and why?
That would be a nice way for them to opt out of their punishment. No.

Writer's Block: It came from planet Claire

If you discovered a new planet, what would you name it?
Pluto, in redemption on the original.

Writer's Block: The name game

What's the origin of your username? If you could change it to anything else, would you, and what would it be?
It was my nickname. Don't ask me why, we can't remember.

Writer's Block: The winning ticket

What would be your first purchase if you won the lottery?
I would remodel my house.

Writer's Block: Hocus pocus

If your parents were transformed into their true animal spirits, what animals would they be?
Cats. They both love yarn.

Writer's Block: Timeless tales

What were your favorite books as a child, and why?
I didn't like reading until I met Harry Potter, and then I fell in love.

Writer's Block: Universally speaking

If you could have a conversation with any animal in the world, living or dead (such as a childhood pet), which animal would you choose?
Piccolo, little brat.

Writer's Block: Overnight it!

When do you get your holiday shopping done? Weeks before or last minute?
Most of my Christmas shopping was done before Halloween. Not on purpose, but just because I kept finding perfect Christmas gifts for people, so I bought them.

Writer's Block: It's a wonderful life!

What's your favorite holiday TV special or movie, and why?
I love Elf. It was a surprise, since it looked stupid, but the movie we had gone to see was sold out, but we didn't feel like leaving, so we saw Elf instead, and we loved it. My family watches it every year.

I also like the original cartoon How the Grinch stole Christmas, Jim Carrey's How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and A Charlie Brown Christmas.

And, of course, The Holiday, but I watch that year-round <3

Writer's Block: It's just what I wanted

Do you prefer telling people what gifts you want to receive or being surprised?
I prefer to tell. Giftcards all the way.

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